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When is the Leiden Marathon?

This will take place on May 12, 2024.

When is the walking marathon?

This will take place on May 11, 2024.


We follow the rules according to the RIVM.

Do I get a medal?

All participants will receive a medal after crossing the finish line as a reminder of the event. In addition, you can have this medal engraved with your end time for € 8. You can indicate this when you register. It is also possible after the course, but then you pay  € 10.

Age limit

Full marathon from 18 years.
Half marathon from 16 years.
10 km from 12 years.
5 km no limit.
2.2 km to 12 years.

What does the program look like?

Click here to view the program.

What is the official time?

The gross time is the official time. It starts when the starting gun is fired and stops when you cross the finish line. The net time is the time that starts when you cross the mat on the starting line and stops when you cross the finish line. The net time is listed as an extra service.


There are many parking options in Leiden. Please click here so you can choose your option.

I have not received a confirmation email, what now?

After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Also check your spam box if you have not received the email. If he is not in there either, please contact us, info@marathon.nl.


The charity we support is the Willem Alexander Children’s Hospital. This hospital for children aged 0 to 18 has just reopened and needs a lot of support. I sincerely hope you make a donation. Would you like to know more about the WAKZ? Then click here

How much is the registration fee?


running: €52,-

walking: €30,-


running: €32,-

walking: €20,-


running: €20,-

walking: €15,-

5KM: €14,-

KidsRun: €6,-

What happens in case of cancellation?

If the course cannot take place due to circumstances, pls read our terms and conditions.

Are you also classified as an individual runner as a business runner?

Yes, as a team runner you also end up in the individual result.

How many people are allowed in a team?

8 people can be registered in a business team, only for the 42 km the number is 5 people maximum.

Sign up business teams for companies?

Click here to sign up as a business team

Will I receive my start number/hiking card or do I have to pick it up?

If you have indicated when registering that this should be sent to you, you will receive your bib number at home approximately two weeks before the start of the run. Otherwise you can pick up your bib number at the Garenmarkt in the big tent on May 14th from 13.00 – 20.30 and on May 15th from 08.00 a.m.

Terms and Conditions

See the link for the Terms and Conditions Leiden Marathon.



Yes, pacers are included at all distances.

Is there time registration?

Time registration will be used for all parts of the Leiden Marathon. There is an electronic chip (Tag) on ​​the back of your bib number. The Tag makes recording your times easy, all you need to do is wear the bib number correctly

Wear the bib number visibly on your chest, do not cover the bib number with a jacket or with your          hands when passing the mats on the start and finish line

Do not fold or wrinkle the start number. Certainly not where the Tag is.

Use the four pins on the corners of the start number, do not pierce the Tag

The Tags do not have to be taken after the race, you can keep your start number as a souvenir or        with the regular throw garbage away

Where are the clocks?

The clocks are along the roads every 5 km.

Time limits

Be inside within 6 hours on 42 km.

Be inside within 3 hours on 21 km.

Be inside within 1,5 hours on 10 km.

No limit on 5 km.

ATTENTION!: if you do not finish within the maximum time indicated, your time will be stopped and you are obliged to get into the broom wagon.

Starting boxes

When registering, you must indicate how fast you expect to finish. On that basis, everyone is placed in a starting area. The start is in different waves so that everyone can run at their own speed immediately after the start.

Is there a sports drink on the way?

Yes, there is definitely sports drink on the way; PowerBar Isoactive sportdrink Lemon.

Are there separate courses for business teams?

No, there are no separate sections for business teams available.

Is there music on the course?

Yes there are different bands playing along the course.

Is there a prize giving?

There is definitely an award ceremony. There are cups for the first three men and women at all distances.

Are finish photos taken?

Photos are taken at various places along the course, including at the finish, these will all be posted on our website.


Can I register?

The registration will be open November 1st

When does registration close?

You can register until May 8th, 12.00.

How can I register as a company?

You can register a business team here.

Can you register as a group?

You can register a group by sending an email to info@marathon.nl. A group consists of at least 15 people. You will then be sent a list as we would like it to be delivered in order to put the group in the system.

Can I change my registration?

If you want to change your address or transfer your starting ticket after registration, you can easily do so by logging into your account with the code you received in your confirmation email. You can change to a lower distance yourself. To change to a higher distance or other products, mail to info@marathon.nl. If you want to change your distance on the day itself, you have to go to the helpdesk at the Garenmarkt.


Where can I find my result?

The results will be posted on our website immediately after the run, www.marathon.nl

If you have any questions or comments about your results, please send an email to info@marathon.nl.


Download the Leiden Marathon app now in the playstore or appstore. The app is called Leiden Marathon. Here your friends can follow you via the live follow function and you can find all important information and updates.

How do I get my purchased shirt?

You have to pick up your shirt at the Garenmarkt. There is a receipt with the shirt on your start number, which you must hand in when you pick up your shirt.

Where can I leave my stuff/bag during the run?

There is a guarded bag wardrobe. You can hand in your bag there. Use the label attached to your start number for this.

What happens to found objects?

Lost and found items are collected at the Helpdesk on the Garenmarkt. Contact us if your stuff isn’t here either. After the event we have a view of all found objects.

Are shower facilities available?

Yes, there are showers at the Garenmarkt.

Where are the toilets located?

Toilets can be found at the changing facilities, the start, the finish and every 5 km along the route.

Can I have my medal engraved?

All participants will receive a medal after crossing the finish line as a reminder of the event. In addition, you can have this medal engraved with your end time for € 9. You can indicate this when you register. It is also possible after the run, but then you pay  € 11.

Care on the trail

During the LM there will be aid stations along the roads where you can grab a cup of water or PowerBar Isoactive sportdrink Lemon. In addition, there are also sponge posts with only cups of water.
Drinks are also available immediately after the finish. You can also get a beer there if desired.
There will also be fruit at some aid stations.

At the Kids Run there is the possibility to grab a drink immediately after the finish.

Walking safely and responsibly

Failure to replenish fluid loss through sweating while walking can lead to a decrease in performance. Insufficient drinking can eventually lead to medical problems. Many athletes do not seem to know that not only too little, but also too much drinking can put their health at risk. Maintaining proper levels of fluids and salts in the body is particularly important

When you take to the road as a runner, the body loses both moisture and salts through the body’s sweat on the skin and through breathing. Processes that ensure that you get the cooling you need to keep the body temperature stable. Not replenishing the body fluids in the right amounts in time and in the right amounts can lead to dehydration and hyponatremia. This can affect your performance, your psychological and your physical state. The replenishment of liquid and salts to an optimal level is very individual and depends on the environmental conditions (weather), type and intensity of physical activity and personal factors such as level of training, body weight and the clothing you wear

Runners have their own responsibility in this. Drinking the right amounts is a combination of knowing your physical needs and the way you drink while walking.

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Medical advice and medical care

What is medical advice and what medical care is there on the course?
There is a large group of rescuers on marathon day to ensure that the runners are well, on the way and at the finish. A Medical Committee, which has been active since the first year, uses a voluminous and solid script for this. To give an idea of ​​what has been recorded in a script, we briefly describe a number of things that are of course described in much more detail in the script.

During the Leiden Marathon, there is close collaboration with GHOR (Medical Relief Organization in the Region), the Red Cross, the Leiden and surroundings department, RAV (Regional Ambulance Transport) and the hospitals in Leiden and the region. Naturally, all care providers work that day under the supervision of the OvDG (Officer of

the Medical Service). The Organization’s Medical Committee includes doctors, (head) nurses and ambulance personnel. In some cases, the Medical Committee advises the board of the Leiden Marathon in a binding manner.

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