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We start the Wandel Marathon on Saturday May 26, 2018 at the cozy Pieterskerkplein in the old center of Leiden. The marathon starts between 11 am and 12 noon, after which the half marathon starts between noon and 2 p.m. The 10 kilometers depart between 14.00 and 15.00.


The finish arch is on a decorated podium on the Pieterskerkplein in Leiden, which we will decorate as a lounge area, in the middle of the old town. Can you relax after your walk.

Walking with Ton van Bemmelen Sports

Do the walk

More and more people are asking us to be able to walk during the Leiden Marathon. Why not, we thought? So on Saturday 26 May 2018 we will organize the first Walking with Ton van Bemmelen Sports over 10 kilometers, half and the marathon. We make it great. With a medal, registration, media package, route book, care, cosiness on the beautiful and outlined course. And … main sponsor Ton van Bemmelen Sports gives you a big discount coupon when you register. Do you join? Then do it quickly. Because : fast registration is with a big discount …

Time Limit

The finish line will remain open until 22:00 in the evening (at 22:30 we still have the 5km NightRun).


To increase the festive joy, we provide music on different locations.



To increase the festive joy, we provide music on different locations.



There is no minimum age to participate in Walking with Ton van Bemmelen Sports.


Care posts you can find at various locations. There you get free water, fruit and other tasty things from our volunteers.

Stamp Posts

You must get your stamps from our catering partners. Of course you can also relax with a cup of coffee and perhaps with apple point (you have to buy this one). Do not forget a stamp, because it is only when you can show that you have earned the beautiful medal at the finish.

Free Media Package

Photos and videos are also made at the registration points. You will receive this free of charge via a beautiful After Magazine. The free media package also includes the track and trace service, which allows you to show your family, friends and acquaintances remotely whether you started, have passed the Rhine and have finished.

Special small ferry for you

On Sunday we will cross the Oude Rijn with a bridge.

But you too who walk the whole and half marathon, you must cross the Oude Rijn. That’s why on Saturday at the Rijneke Boulevard we take care of a ferry that takes you to the Lage Zij. That’s fun.


Each participant receives a start badge with a registration chip on it. You can hang the badge with a cord around your neck. With this chip we register your start, passage at the ferry and your finish. Note: Only the 21 km and 42 km will cross the Rhine, not the 10 km.

First name on startbadge

And … if you register before 1 April, you can also have your first name printed on your start badge.

Medal Engraving

The medal is the ultimate reward. That’s why we made it so beautiful. And that is why we now offer you an engraving service. Because what is more fun to engrave your end time on it? Can you simply specify when signing up or else just in the Pieterskerk.

Official Leiden Marathon Shirt

The Official Leiden Marathon Shirt has a limited edition this year. We only print 500, so be quick. In the Pieterkerk you can also have a shirt printed with, for example, your name on it.

Excursed parcours

Arrows are hung along the entire course that you simply need to follow. How easy is that? In advance sorry, if there are some lost, because they are sometimes popular with vandals and miscreants. Fortunately, you also have your booklet with the trail in it.

With discount check from Ton van Bemmelen Sports

The main sponsor of the Walking event is so happy with the walkers that he invites them on the Rijneke Boulevard to walk through his shop. And to celebrate that extra, Ton van Bemmelen Sports gives a discount coupon worth the registration fee. Are you walking 10 kilometers? Then you get a voucher of € 14, – discount. If you walk 21 kilometers, you get a discount of € 18. The entire marathon hiker receives a discount coupon of € 25, -.

Tour book with stamp boxes

In the Walking with Ton van Bemmelen Sports booklet we write lots of interesting facts about all kinds of objects, buildings, villages etc. that you encounter during your walk. But of course there is also a good course description and a number of stamp boxes. If you can show your stamps at the finish, you get that brilliant Leiden Marathon medal.