TK and Leiden Marathon run with Flame for WAKZ

TK and Leiden Marathon run with Flame for WAKZ


In the week of 14 to 18 June, the TK Challenge Foundation and Leiden Marathon will organize a special relay race throughout the Netherlands to draw attention to the opening of the renovated Willem-Alexander Children’s Hospital in an original way. The proceeds will be used for a child-friendly decoration of the Leiden children’s hospital.

About 100 participants will run and cycle a course of 950 kilometers. The relay is held continuously, which means that the participants complete the route both during the day and at night. The relay starts on 14 June and ends on 18 June in Leiden just before the festive (re)opening of the renovated WAKZ.

The TK Challenge Foundation and Leiden Marathon have been involved with the WAKZ for some time and have raised funds for the children’s hospital through various initiatives in recent years. The proceeds of the relay will fully benefit welfare projects for children in the WAKZ. Do you also want to contribute? Fantastic! You can do that via:

The runners immediately practice for the Marathon Flame from Greece. So they carry with them the Flame, still lit by themselves. Next year in May (2022) we will get it in the town of Marathon in Greece.


Look at the fantastic SANTOS Bikes that we can use for free from Santos Bikes. There are buses from Taxi Wielkens B.V. in the organisation. and Zeeuw & Zeeuw Renault. The entire communication network (walkie-talkies and iphones/ipads) is sponsored by Barning Telecom. Thank you for that. Everything for the Willem-Alexander Children’s Hospital (WAKZ).