Dutch Marathons

Running in a Dutch Marathon

Is nice. The Dutch Marathons have character and typical Dutch elements like historic cities, dunes, the beach and sea, meadows, cows and… windmills. You only have to run, we do the rest to make your race possible and comfortable. Choose a Dutch Marathon and experience it yourself. Five of the 8 Dutch Marathons have their homebase in fantastic historic cities, one leads you through wonderful Friesland and around the lake of Sneek and two of them run through the dunes and on the beach of beautiful Zeeland and the magnificent isle of Terschelling. Why still doubting…?

Leiden is one of them…

Leiden is a proud member of the 7 Dutch Marathons. Leiden is an ancient city with typical Dutch surroundings in which running is a real sensation. Did you know that the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn was born in Leiden…?

March 19:           Utrecht Marathon

May 21:               Leiden Marathon

June 18:              Amersfoort Marathon

June 24:              Marathon Rond Sneek en Meer

September 24:  Den Haag Marathon

Oktober 7:         Kustmarathon Zeeland

November 6:     Berenloop Terschelling Marathon

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